Our memories start now!

My mom has always kept handwritten journals for each member of the family so that one day we can go back and read her thoughts. I've always wanted to that but have never started it. So I thought I would start by writing a blog so there would at least be an electronic record of what happens in our crazy lives each day!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Livng and Loving and Cruising Around

Well, this is looking like its going to be a weekly blog instead of daily postings!  That's okay though.  There will be a day when I have time to things that I want to and I'm sure I'll be wishing there were kids to bathe and clothes to fold.  So, I'm not going to worry about it. 

Our family was busy last week!  It was really cold so our mornings have been full of jackets, hats, gloves, and making sure the car was warm.  That was a challenge with the old Mountaineer but the Lord blessed us with a new car on Friday!  We've been looking to trade for about six months but the time was never right.  Either the car salesman got on our nerves or the financing didn't feel right.  Well, Friday I woke up lead by the Lord to go get a new car.  With the help of my Papa and the good folks at Cook County Ford, I picked out a 2010 Ford Fusion.  I am so excited to have a new car!  Its not brand new but it was on a lease for a year and they took the depreciation.  Now we have a good car with very few miles that will last us a long time and at a lower payment than we're used to making.  God is good!!!

So this whole weekend has been spent cruising around and enjoying the new car.  We've also had some really good family dinners and lunches and some good church services.  The Beth Moore study at church is really going well.  I'm learning how to love others, even when they are difficult to love.  I'm also learning how to open myself up to God's love and let him love me first before I go out and love others. 

Our healthier food choices are going well too!  I've lost 5 pounds and Jonathan and the kids are eating a lot more veggies!  Hopefully, they will be loving all veggies by the end of 2011.  Well, I will go now.  I have to start packing for a trip to Nashville, TN.  Its supposed to snow there and I'm not prepared for that kind of weather! 

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  1. I wish all of my snow gear wasn't in MN; I would gladly let you borrow it!