Our memories start now!

My mom has always kept handwritten journals for each member of the family so that one day we can go back and read her thoughts. I've always wanted to that but have never started it. So I thought I would start by writing a blog so there would at least be an electronic record of what happens in our crazy lives each day!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holy Macaroni!!

Well, today is the last day of the grown-ups' Christmas break.  The kids still have a week left which is very stressful to me. Jonathan's school schedule is never the same as theirs and we're always scrambling around finding somewhere for them to stay.  I think we have it worked out this week but I'm always very uneasy when we aren't on our regular routine.  We've had a wonderful and very much needed break.  I'll miss all three of them tomorrow :(

It was day two of Deceptively Delicious and my sweet potato pancakes flopped miserably.  Landon didn't like the macaroni and cheese but Marlee, who would rather eat macaroni than go to an amusement park, loved it!  That is very good because she could eat it three meals a day and with a little pureed cauliflower mixed in, I just may let her!  For dessert tonight, I made peanut butter and jelly muffins that were DELICIOUS.  They were a big hit!  Hopefully I can keep sneaking in veggies in small amounts while still encouraging them to eat more on their own.

We had a great Sunday that included a wonderful church service.  Our focus this year is Generous Living and I can't wait to learn more of what Pastor Chris has to teach.  We are very happy at First Assembly and I'm looking forward to the year to come at church.

I hope everyone has a good week.  My prayer is that everything will continue to stay calm and not get as hectic as it was before Christmas.  I think the key to that is how I handle things!  With God's help, I'll stay calm, cool and collected! :)

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